Data security is important and protecting your data and personal information is becoming a serious issue. We have recently been increasing our security and undertaken to also understand how the companies we work with are protecting our/your data.


What have we done

  •  We have installed antivirus software on all company computers and devices with access to company information
  •  Implementation of a firewall that secures all on site data from hacking and allows only secure entry from outside the business via staff  recognition software
  •  Staff training in terms of identifying threats and potential risks. Our staff may confirm and verify certain instructions with you to  ensure that all requests are valid and information is correct
  •  We have significantly decreased the use of paper on the office and any paper containing client sensitive information is disposed of  through a secure third party service.

What our business partners have done

We have undertaken to understand their processes and procedures with regards to securing and protecting your data. We have evaluated their systems and are engaging with them to ensure that the highest security measures are taken.


What you can do

  • Install antivirus software on your computer
  •  Delete any suspicious emails before opening them
  •  Avoid using unsecured internet access (public wifi)
  •  Regularly change your passwords.

Further to this, we are also looking at further ways to secure how we send you your information and potential weak points and we will continue to implement further security procedures on an ongoing basis.


If you have any questions, or require any more information on how to improve security, please let us know.