Our investment philosophy is to invest with renowned and transparent managers who have a proven track record over all financial market conditions, while keeping investing simple and cost effective.


Currently there are 344 companies listed on the JSE, and over 1,000 South African unit trusts available and almost 5,000 regulated by the FSCA.

As part of our overall offering, other than tax strategies, trusts, estate and retirement planning, is to select the best unit trusts for you to invest in. This process often goes unnoticed, but we would like to reveal some of what goes into the decision of our preferred fund blends.


Our process starts by evaluating funds based on numerous criteria, including among others: skill and experience of the fund manager and support team; longevity and continuity of the fund manager; research and decision-making process; track record; size of the fund; access to the fund manager and fund information; platform availability; investment style and fees.


We purchase further detailed specialised research where needed and consult external experts for additional input and information to support our own due diligence process.


We do quantitative analysis of the funds and how they blend together to ensure that the combination can give superior returns with lower volatility and is appropriate for all market conditions and scenarios.


We discuss our existing preferred funds monthly and compare them to funds which make up our “watch list”. We meet with the fund managers regularly to remain up to date with developments in the funds and ensure that the fund is behaving as we expect it to.


At our quarterly Investment Committee we analyse and debate the funds we are using and make relevant adjustments if needed.




The biggest challenge is when a fund is lagging in performance. Our evaluation is based on the manager’s stance and conviction, which can be out of sync with the market for periods and remain invested through these tough times. We have also in the past dropped fund managers where we were not comfortable that they were going to meet our clients’ needs in the time ahead.


The result of this approach is that over all meaningful time periods, our selection outperforms the average fund by a considerable margin, providing clients with superior investment outcomes.