Please note that there are various phishing emails going around at the moment. One in particular appears as if it’s from Allan Gray asking clients to update their details. This email is from a fraudulent third party and has no links to Allan Gray at all. If you receive this mail please delete and do not click on any links. Please click here for more details


We encourage you to check the validity of any email before responding or clicking on any links. These are some red flags to look out for:


  • An email creating a sense of urgency or saying “action required”
  • An email asking for any personal details or password updates
  • An email with spelling or grammar mistakes
  • An email address that looks odd or has a spelling mistake
  • An email with a generic greeting/salutation that doesn’t include your name
  • An email with unexpected attachments especially those ending in .exe
  • An email with a suspicious link  – always hover your cursor over links before clicking, and double check that the destination of the link is a trustworthy site. When in doubt, just don’t click!