When obtaining investment and financial advice, there are many factors to consider, one of which is independence. At Ascent Wealth Management we strongly value our independence and we do not have an affiliation with any one investment company, nor are we incentivised to advise clients towards a particular investment.


Having an independent adviser allows you to get advice on a wider range of investment options. Our market has investment options in various shapes, sizes and forms and we are able to negotiate your way through these many options and can deal with the best in the market. We have chosen to focus our business on a small number of suppliers who consistently offer the best value and service. We also choose not to work with suppliers who have production targets in their contracts, and we don’t work with suppliers who exert undue influence on us to recommend their products. If we don’t believe that an investment or asset manager is doing the job that they are mandated to do, we can move to someone else.
Not being restricted only to products and solutions offered by one company allows us to partner with you and give you unbiased, personally tailored recommendations with your best interests at the highest priority.


The majority of clients come to us with existing investments and policies. In many cases these are of good quality and can be incorporated into the financial strategy. Our ability to deal with any company means that we can deal with these existing investments for you.


Another value that we take seriously is being transparent with our fees. The fees that you pay us are the same irrespective of where we invest. Often advisers who are not independent earn additional fees through the company they are affiliated with. Independence also requires us to be open and transparent with any fees that we earn, so that you know exactly what and how much you are paying to whom.
We believe that our independence adds value to the advice we give, giving you greater certainty and confidence to pursue your financial goals with greater peace of mind.